Bowling Solitaire Technical Notes


Package Download

The package consists of one java archive file, BowlingSolitaire.jar. Place it in a directory on your java classpath and extract using the jar utility that comes with the Java SDK. Here is the link to download BowlingSolitaire.jar, 33KB. (If it doesn't download, try a right-click on the link and select 'Save link as ...'.) The package includes bowling score and bowling score display classes that can be used for other bowling games. There is also a class for running the game as a java application (without a browser). The command to run the game as an application is: java tsadam.bowling.BowlingSolitaireApplication. See the package documentation for more information.

The .jar file also includes the two classes needed from the corejava package. One is RandomIntGenerator, which is said to be "more 'random' than the [random integer generator] supplied with Java".

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